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Your search for meaning in work and life purpose can be a frustrating experience. This is especially true if you have lots of interests, skills, or talents. It was the same for me. I struggled for years trying to understand that "one thing" that is my life purpose. We all have one, I truly believe it is a God-given gift bestowed upon us before we were born.

There are several ways to get started on the journey of discovering and life your life purpose. One of the more interesting and effective ways I've found is visualization. Successful people use visualization as an additional tool to find guidance and insight into discovering, and living, their life purpose.


First of all you need to let go of your stress, tension, frustration or fear, and just relax. Then, start visualizing. Dream. See yourself living the calling that constantly stirs within your soul. As a result, you will be able to picture the things that will help you discover your life purpose.

Next, don't rush into this visualization exercise. You need to take your time and expand your vision until you see yourself doing the things that bring passion and purpose to your life. If nothing comes into your mind, just be patient because the visualization process takes time. Also, try doing this multiple times to get a clearer idea. Never try to force yourself into the process. If you can't got into the exercise without anxiety over the things your are not getting done, then stop and come back to your visualization when you can concentrate free of distractions or pending tasks and deadlines.


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When you visualize your life purpose, you start to build clarity around those things that you want to do in your life. Record your visualization thoughts in a notebook. You will also find some surprises in this exercise. These notes and thoughts are valuable clues about your life purpose.  In addition, might also want to get my short report about how to take this to a higher level action - Pursue Your Passion.

Visualization is a valuable exercise for anything you want to accomplish or better understand. Improving your career or learning more about your life purpose, visualization gives you hidden insight that is buried in your subconscious. Don't think of this as some fanciful practice reserved just for mystics. People who are corporate executives, professional athletes, and everything in between know that visualized is important. It serves to fuel your creativity and passion. It gives your sometimes random thoughts more structure.


Visualization can be used if you want find greater achievement, fulfillment, and satisfaction from any of your activities including your relationships, exercise routine, really any aspect of your life.

Finally, set aside time in the coming week when you can be relaxed, you don't have a to-do list hanging over your head, you can be alone, and practice visualization about your life purpose. I guarantee you will learn more about yourself, your passion, and your calling.


5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

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