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4 Big Things Holding You Back From Peak Performance

You’re most likely doing pretty well in your career. But did you know there could be some things stopping you from reaching your peak?

Have a good take a look at yourself and see if you’re being held back.   Here are four huge things that typically stop people from reaching their profession peak.

1. Procrastination

We all do it. Delaying doing hard or ordinary tasks is all too human. The longer you delay making that phone call or having that tricky conversation, the worse it’s going to get.

You understand deep down that you must simply do it.

The other big area of procrastination is failing to act. How many great ideas have you had that you never acted upon?   Maybe you felt you weren’t prepared, or you didn’t have the right skills or sufficient funds yet?

There will never ever be the best or perfect time to begin a company, take a job, or pitch an new concept. The ideal time to act is NOW.

And do not forget: acting on an idea doesn’t indicate you leap into it straightaway. Peak performance means doing your research, studying, designating budget, testing the marketplace.

You’ll be ready for success when it comes if you stop hesitating and begin doing.

2. Worry of failure

Worry of failure stops you from taking risks and seizing chances to achieve. It can be immobilizing, but only if YOU empower it to do so.  Instead of being paralyzed by the worry of failure, you need to reframe what failure means for you.

Failure does not indicate catastrophe. It suggests you have not discovered what works yet. Edison notoriously stopped working to invent the working light bulb more than a thousand times prior to his breakthrough success.

The converse of failure is determination. And determination will out-perform inherent skill every time.

3. Interruption

Remaining focused is the key to achieving success. It’s easy to be sidetracked by extraneous issues and the needs of your e-mail or phone.  However, remaining productive needs your full attention and focus.

Make it easier to produce premium, consistent work by keeping concentrated on the current top priorities and following your strategy.


If you let it, self-doubt can undermine all your efforts.

The very best thing you can do to build your self-confidence is to stop comparing yourself to others. Your success story is absolutely unique to you.

Look back, see all the stepping stones that brought you to where you are now. You have the skills, and you have the knowledge to get where you wish to go.

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    • Amanda Mandry

      I so need these reminders right now. Thank you!

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