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Get stories of mental health lived experience sent to you each week: Sandy Storm is living with trauma from human trafficking. She was a trafficking victim for over 20 years, and it began during her childhood. Initially, she did not realize she was a survivor or how the trauma of human trafficking affected her until she started volunteering in the justice movement. She saw. what it’s like for victims to experience post traumatic stress disorder aka ptsd from human trafficking. She’s seen the symptoms of ptsd and understands ptsd treatment, therapy options, and trauma informed care. Sandy has since written three books about her painful childhood, how she was trafficked, as well as her healing journey. She has also become an abolitionist and works with the organization, DeliverFund, to help set other trafficking victims free – both physically and emotionally. In this MedCircle podcast episode, you’ll understand what it’s like to experience trauma from human trafficking. Though human trafficking is a unique traumatic event, you’ll also understand how to heal from trauma. 00:00 Intro 00:56 This week’s guest & trauma survivor 02:21 Sandy’s childhood trauma & becoming a target 07:19 What is human trafficking, actually? 10:27 How to spot red flags of traffickers 13:43 How Sandy found therapy after being freed 26:52 Joining DeliverFund & helping other victims 38:27 Complex trauma of human trafficking aka cPTSD 43:47 How to spot & help victims 52:39 Creating a community safe from traffickers 57:49 Encouraging words for victims & their loved ones 01:01:48 Jackie’s recap Sandy Storm Insta: FB: YT: DeliverFund Insta: FB: YT: LinkedIn: #trauma #ptsd #cptsd #mentalhealth