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🎁 Download the full illustration from this video for free, CLICK HERE: The things we learn in school are valuable. But there is always so much more to know. And much that we should have learned but didn’t. Maybe that information wasn’t taught to us, or maybe we just weren’t paying attention. Either way, life has a way of teaching you anything you might have missed along the way. Albert Einstein said, “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” Once you start thinking about it, learning never ends. TIMESTAMPS 0:00 – Intro 1:01 – How To Think For Yourself 2:04 – What The Right Mindset Can Do For You 3:27 – Your Failures Don’t Define You 4:21 – Resilience 5:25 – Uncertainty Is Certain 6:40 – The Gift Of The Present 🎨 To get every Art of Improvement illustration, CLICK HERE: 📄 To get every Art of Improvement PDF summary, CLICK HERE: 🔓 For all the PDF summaries AND illustrations AND other perks such as early access to videos, check out The Art of Improvement Ultimate Membership, CLICK HERE: