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The chisel is either in your hands or someone else's In the mid-1980's I was in the early years of my work life. My ambition was high and I was always looking for an angle to get ahead. I wanted the big house, the nice car, and cool vacations. These were the only definitions of success and self-esteem I knew. They didn't seem like hollow goals at the time. No, I was way too busy and distracted in my own race to even think about what I was really doing and why I was working so hard. One day while sitting quietly on the plane reading Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I read "begin with the end in mind".   It shocked me into thinking about what I was doing, into thinking about my true calling and my life purpose. Why was I working so hard, so long, and often so far away? To what lasting value and impact was I contributing? If the plane went down I knew I would not be remembered as I truly wanted. Like everyone, I have a life purpose and passion that I believe had been encoded into my life. There were skills and talents I was using that made me successful. I was good at what I did, but I was working more from competence than passion. I was using my talents and gifts, but not on the right journey. Deep down I knew that. St. Augustine suggested we all ask ourselves, "What do I wish to be remembered for?" All of us will be remembered for something. We either choose what that memory will be or others, as a result of our own passivity, will choose it for us. As we live and work each day we are slowing writing our own epitaph. The actions we take, the decisions we make, the investments in relationships, and how we live life slowly chisel into stone that which will be our lasting memory. Who is writing upon your stone? Is it the message you want written for eternity?

5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

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