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What’s stopping you from being an action taker? Is it fear? Perhaps you’re awaiting the best break instead of making your own way in life? Or possibly you think you’re talented or not smart enough?

These limiting beliefs are holding you back.

There’s a reason that many intelligent individuals stop working. They tend to overthink way too much and are often afraid to take risks. If that’s your case, here are some effective ways to become an action-taker:


Eliminate Doubts That Stop You From Taking Action

If you don’t take action, you’ll keep questioning yourself about “What if”?

You will have problems with self-doubt and questioning your decisions. Taking action adds to your life experience and increases your confidence. Similarly, it allows you to find new resources and inner reservoirs of strength that will contribute to your success.


Your Time Is Limited

Remembering you’re going to die is the best way to stop believing you have something to lose” ~Steve Jobs.

Your time on this earth is restricted. You never ever understand what’s going to happen in a month, a year or even tomorrow.

You might never get a second opportunity to start that business, ask for that raise, get that degree, go to that meeting you’ve been postponing for weeks, or fulfill for your dreams.

Take action today! Do not opt for anything less than your best effort!


Importance of Taking Action

Beginning is typically the hardest step to take, yet it is the most crucial action to success.  You can craft that best plan and strategies, but  you need to take action to bring them to life.

When you make that initial step, you build momentum.  With momentum you start to see more things happening. It may or may not work out as you hope, but it will result in something new. Consider it as an opportunity to grow and find out.

Let’s assume you want to apply for a job that sounds ideal for you, but you understand you’re not the most qualified person. Yes, it’s scary to apply, but what’s really at stake?

Even if you don’t get the job, you’ll get practice interviewing for your dream job. You’ll also get feedback on what  to focus on to get a comparable job in the future. When you begin taking action, you get results. Only when you are an action taker will this happen!


Skill Builder

Whether your plans succeed or fail, the action you take is constantly giving you an opportunity to learn new things. Taking action will allow you to develop your skills, resulting in greater confidence.

The next time you wish to take action on a dream, you’ll feel better, feel ready,  and have more experience. On top of that, you’ll approach things from a brand-new point of view and will not repeat the very same errors of your past.