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Work life balance is more than just equal time between family and job.

Work life balance is about creating a harmonious relationship between all of your passions.

Recently I was inspired about this topic during a trip.  So much so that I recorded a short video that will introduce a new series I am writing.


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If you are like me, your “balance” usually errs on the side of work.  Often, this includes working too many hours which takes you away from living your other passions. The point is, there is more to life than work.  Work can still take a majority of your time, so equilibrium is not the goal.  Feeding your passions, the things the make you tick, is what I mean by harmony.



Here’s how we sometimes lose this harmony.  When you took your job, the Human Resources department told you the hours you were required to work. That usually consists of forty-hour work weeks.

As you continue with the company, you discover they want you to work many more hours than the original agreement, all for the same pay. Your boss is hinting that you shouldn’t take your vacations and that you need to work weekends.

If you stick with this company, you will miss watching your kids grow up, and you won’t get to spend quality time with your spouse. You are also going to miss Sunday dinners with your extended families. Because your boss already put a moratorium on holidays and vacations, you won’t be able to go on vacations. (That might be extreme, but it does happen!)

Essentially, you have become a slave to the company, and you can expect to spend the next thirty or so years dealing with this nonsense.

Something more subtle is happening to your work life balance when you work excessive hours for your company. They don’t want you switching jobs. By keeping you occupied with working most of your waking hours, you won’t have the time to learn new skills.

For instance, if you work ten-hour days, are you going to feel like studying a new skill when you get home late at night?

If you are working most of the hours on your weekends, the last activity you will want to do when you get home is to try and spend time reading new material.

You also won’t get to socialize much which is a way for you to meet others who have opportunities that can break you away from your current employment situation.



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Sometimes known as the “Boundary Theory“, it is used a lot in corporate HR circles and leadership training.  While I agree with the scholarly approach, some of is it too static for me.

This subject has been on my mind a lot.  I don’t believe work life balance, as we think about it today, is achievable.  A more realistic approach is to find the right blend of your passions.  To do this you must…

I am going to explore this over the next several weeks here on my site.  I hope you will join me for this adventure so you can find your own harmony among your passions!


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      I love theories! Okay, I’m probably in the minority. A minority of a minority? Balance and boundaries. Great concepts.

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