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Scientists have actually found that individuals who are stay optimistic following extreme surgical treatments, typically have a shorter recovery period. Individuals who work in high stress environments discover greater inner peace and balance by focusing on the positives of their job. Seems that when you are challenged at work, home, personally, professionally, and any aim in life, optimism is a powerful tool.

Out of the two scenarios above, finding out how to establish a positive mindset was the common thread.  In fact, people who aim to try to find the “silver lining” typically rise above their challenges with victory and success.

While it’s simple to say, “Focus on the favorable, and you’ll be happier” putting it into practice is quite hard. When you deal with particular obstacles, it may even seem overwhelming. However, searching for the positive, in whatever you’re going through, will save you a great deal of anxiety and frustration.



Because staying optimistic keeps you focused when your aim in life seems off course, it’s crucial to exercise your optimism muscle whenever you can. Here are five valuable ideas that will build up a reservoir of optimism so you can tap into it whenever you want.

Distance Toxic People

If you’re trying to stay optimistic and remain positive, you need to eliminate yourself from these people.  You know who they are. When you are around  them it’s practically like trying to grow an orchid in a dry environment. It’s not going to flourish.

When individuals drain you of your energy, continuously slam or put you down, it’s time to let them go. Leaving unhealthy relationships is the very first action towards caring for yourself and preserving your optimistic outlook.


Practice Speaking Kind Words

It’s simple to get in the routine of negative interaction. Whether it’s grumbling about your early morning commute or not getting enough praise from your boos, you can find yourself complaining about everything.  This lack of confidence can transcend into every element of your life. Quickly, you’ll find yourself having a negative personality.

Practice speaking kind words about yourself and what’s around you. The old saying, “If you do not have anything great to state, don’t state it” will absolutely come in handy.


5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

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Learn to Love Yourself

Having a negative outlook stems from not being fully confident in yourself. In order to live focused on your aim in life, remember that you are a unique and incredible individual.

Practice everyday affirmations so you can remind yourself how amazing you are. Get in the routine of regular self-care and stick to it.   Have an Amazon Echo?  Believe it or not, Alexia has an app that will do this for you.


Make Progressive Changes

Possibly make modifications if you’re discovering it difficult to stay optimistic in your present circumstances. If you dislike your job, make the effort necessary towards finding a brand-new one. If you’re feeling unhealthy, make nutrition and fitness changes so you can live your best life. Sometimes a little effort is all you need to alter your present point of view.


Start Giving To Others

They say there is more joy in giving others than there is in getting for yourself. You’re no longer focusing on your own problems when you offer something of yourself to others. You’re exposing yourself to those who are have less and making their lives better.

I know from personal experience how valuable this can be.  There is no greater emotional boost than making a practical and positive contribution into the life of another person.

Volunteer at a homeless shelter if you find yourself continuously in a negative mindset. Donate to a regional animal charity if that’s something you might enjoy. This will offer you a wider point of view and help you establish a generally positive mindset.


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If you’ve invested the time to discover your aim in life, don’t let negativity and toxic people derail you.  You will always have challenges and obstacles, but staying optimistic will help you keep your perspective on what really matters.

Shifting your focus from unfavorable to positive is not an overnight repair. Keep working towards changing your point of view and you’ll be on your way to living your true calling.