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Have you ever had a life breakthrough moment? That one moment when, at the flick of a switch, everything changed for the better and you were on the way to the life of your dreams? Do you personally know anyone who has experienced this?

Neither do I.

We seem to always be reading about people who have monumental life transitions. Movies are made about these stories. They are lauded in the entertainment world. We seem to be desperately attracted to these stories because they give us hope. It is a hope that one day that Breakthrough Moment will happen in our own lives.


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These stories are compelling because they are rare. If it were happening for everyone, all the time, there would be no plot line for a the movie. While they do happen, most of us will likely not achieve that defining moment when some external force swoops into our lives and delivers us to our dreams. For most of us our big breakthrough will come from the accumulation of many smaller triumphs along the way.

The only true life breakthrough we can experience is the moment we consciously start to apply our passion to our given Purpose. When we finally understand our design and decide to pursue a life living it, we break through the obstacles of conformity and mediocrity. We begin to live for something bigger than ourselves, our noble cause. Whether we ever start on that journey is another decision.

You can have your big life breakthrough today! Take the time to find or confirm your passion. Make the conscious decision that you are going to pursue it and live on Purpose.


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